Short-Term Guest UTORids


There may be an occasion where you need to give short-term access to protected University of Toronto resources that require a UTORid for authentication. ITS has implemented a self-serve system of Guest UTORid access that will allow UofT staff and faculty to create UTORids immediately. Guest UTORids have access to the UofT wireless network , but are not eligible for a UTORmail email address.


Sponsoring a short-term guest UTORid is a self-service process. The page for creating these short-term guest UTORids can be found here: Directions on the use of this page are located on that site.


Short-Term Guest UTORids last for a 5 day period at which point they expire and are removed from UTORauth. Sponsors are discouraged from creating a string of short-term UTORids. If you have a patron who requires access to resources for a period longer than 5 days, you are advised to pursue sponsoring a Long-Term Guest UTORid. Also, if you should find it necessary to create more than 50 of these short-term UTORids, we would ask that you please contact UTORauth to inform them of this.

As a staff member of the University of Toronto, and a sponsor for the guest UTORid that you will create, you agree:

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