How do I sponsor a UTORid?

You may find yourself with a need to give a UTORid to a person who does not fit the criteria for the standard UTORid that is given to students, staff and faculty. Perhaps you have a visiting professor or a contractor doing some work for your department. Maybe there is a conference being held and you would like to give some of the attendees guest access to the campus wireless network. UTORauth provides two separate types of UTORids aimed at meeting this need.

Short-Term Guest UTORids

This type of UTORid is intended to be sponsored for those with a very short term of affiliation with the university, 5 days or less. Because of this, they are created through a self-serve process which is described on the Short-Term Guest UTORid page.

Long-Term Guest UTORids

When your guest is going to be around for a period of greater than 5 days this will be the proper route to pursue. The process for sponsoring a UTORid of this type involves writing a letter of introduction for your guest and having them visit the Reader Registration desk in Robarts Library. It is described in more detail on the Long-Term Guest UTORid page.

Comparison Chart

The following table shows some further differences between these two types of sponsored UTORids, and includes the attributes of a standard UTORid for reference.

Type Duration UTORmail Wireless Blackboard
Standard open-ended Yes Yes Yes
Short-Term Guest 5 days or less No Yes No
Long-Term Guest fixed duration Yes Yes Yes

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